Project Golf R RB

OK I am going to stop naming all these projects because I am running out of ideas how to name them. This is yet another Golf R that we were working on previously and its the signature rising blue (RB). The thing with the Golf R is the weight of the car and if you have read many reviews around the world, the authors all agree that its nothing great compared to GTI and it is definitely a nicer car to drive in the city.

Power to weight ratio also is not rocket science so reducing the weight of the car and keeping the power up concurrently will change the game and I believe the owner himself knows it too and the first thing he did was to change the rims to a smaller 18″ – original talldegas will weight around 12kg per piece which means moving to any 18″ aftermarket rims would at least lighten the car by 2kg or so, per piece and I must say, its a joy data-logging the car.


Changing the brakes too makes a huge diff – if you have been following my post earlier, I have pointed out that one side of stock R brakes is equivalent to the weight of one set 355mm VW Racing brakes – which is estimated around 24kg what more a 330mm AP racing Brakes. We did not supply him these parts to the owner but I just like to point out that he took the right performance modding path – not a general statement, different people will pick different path, because I often get this question about what you need to do first. Its really subjective, more important, where do you see yourself going? 400hp mark? Its not your life ambition, its just what you want your car to do and Malaysian, more than often can’t decide because they want it all… LOL


We came into the picture with the usual performance item – REVO technik stage 2 performance map, Forge Twintake and Eurojet FMIC and the power jumped from a 245hp to 286hp on wheel. While the new found power is great for a car is running on stock downpipe and catback, you are pretty much stuck if you want to hit 300hp without changing the stock turbo. And so we decided, lets follow the 320hp REVO MK5 GTI stage 3 built and throw in a water meth kit.


And it worked, a staggering 20 hp gain, 30nm torque added on and the R now is a 307hp and 390nm AWD on a very hot day of 36 degrees and we have not even touched the exhaust!

Golf R Stage 2 with water meth

Edit :


1. Items were not installed by MYF and we do not provide installation services;
2. Water Methanol were purchased separately through another dealer, we were just consulted and results shared to benefit of those in doubt.


Stasis Brakes for Project Golf R-S

I named this project Golf R-S; S because that is the owner’s nick/handle at and this is not a new project and has been on-going for a while. Just that I didn’t had time to keep updating it.

The Stasis Alcon 4 pots calipers has been serving the VAG community for a while now and it comes with 355mm and 370mm disc. Since emergence of the REVO-Stasis group, getting our hands on these babies were not that hard and so we brought  a 370mm kit in and then tried fitting the 370mm kit on the RS on the stock Golf R 19″ Talladega and crap, it didn’t clear the brakes.

So the brakes installation was called off until today. Here’s some pics before the brakes were installed;

Erst Gyora

Here’s after it is installed

Golf R Stasis

Meanwhile, we tested the BWR Rims (from Team Dynamics) also available at MYF and it fits! This is a 18×8.5jj offset 50 rims with the 370mm disc kit – I personally fancy the offset and for all the wheels that I have changed, good offset means no fender rubbing which annoys me very much.

BWR with Stasis

You can get these wheels here and the brake kits here. We usually don’t watermark our pics to retain the beauty of it but we have seen others using our images for their own promotions so I guess water-marking the pictures is the only way to beat them but we hope you still fancy our pics…


Introduction to the MYF Blog

Welcome to the new MYF blog – a little twist to our usual posting on Facebook fan page and continuing from the tradition of sharing our work with you which I find more informative rather than the usual picture sharing.

Having said that, the blog will also be linked to our Facebook Fan page and this is just an addition to all the current updates that we are sharing and hopefully turns out to be a collection of portfolio for our work.

Thanks again for your support and patronage.